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Everything you need to know before joining Weight Watchers

Nine things most people want to know before joining Weight Watchers

If you have never been a member of Weight Watchers you may have questions you would like answered to help you decide if joining Weight Watchers makes sense for you. Here are the answers to the nine questions people ask most often about Weight Watchers.

  • Who can join Weight Watchers?
  • Do I need an appointment to join Weight Watchers?
  • What are the qualifications of the Weight Watchers staff ?
  • What happens at a Weight Watchers meeting?
  • Will I be made to stay for the meeting?
  • Is weekly meeting attendance required?
  • What if I had a bad week and I don't want to face the scale?
  • Must I always attend the same meeting each week?
  • Are there any hidden fees or charges?

Who can join Weight Watchers?

  • Men, women and children are eligible to join, subject to the following:
  • Children less than ten years of age cannot join under any circumstances.
  • Children age 10-16 will require:
  1. A note from the child’s physician’s stating the doctor is familiar with our program and gives permission for the child to participate.
  2. A goal range appropriate for the child which must be reviewed and updated every 6 months. (Parents note: Call 800-651-6000 before taking your child to join Weight Watchers. We will mail your child’s physician a letter of explanation with the permission form attached so that your child may join.) · Any person diagnosed with an active eating disorder may not join Weight Watchers.
  • Any person who weighs within five pounds of the bottom of the weight goal range (BMI 20-25) for his or her height is not eligible for membership.
  • Pregnant women are excluded from active membership in Weight Watchers for the duration of their pregnancy.

Do I need an appointment to join Weight Watchers?

  • No appointment is necessary! Just choose a meeting day and time that is convenient to your schedule. Doors open for registration and weigh-in at the times listed. If you prefer, you can save time by pre-joining online or by calling our toll free customer service line (800-651-6000). Meetings begin 30 minutes after weigh-in time. Do plan to stay an extra 20-30 minutes after the meeting the week you join so that you can attend the Getting Started Session. This is a special meeting for new members so that you will learn what you need to know to get off to a good start with your weight loss..

What are the qualifications of the Weight Watchers staff?

  • Each meeting room is staffed entirely by Weight Watchers Lifetime Members, who have all lost weight by following the Weight Watchers program and they continue to follow the Maintenance phase of the program to sustain their loss. Staff members have received special training to ensure that they can effectively deliver the Weight Watchers program to help members reach and sustain their weight-related goals. In addition to basic training, staff members are required to attend further training programs to keep their skills sharpened and to ensure they are fully up-to-date with the latest program information.

What happens at a Weight Watchers meeting?

  • Your first step at each Weight Watchers meeting, if you haven’t pre-joined by phone or the internet, is to fill in a registration form and sign the Health Notice*. You will be offered several payment options that can save you money. Once you have joined you move on to the scale for a confidential weigh-in with one of our service providers. Your weigh-in is private and your weight is recorded in your personal Membership Book. After weigh-in, members like to chat together in the meeting room while waiting for the weekly meeting to begin. The meeting is 30 minutes long. After the meeting, new members are invited to stay for a Getting Started session. This is a special mini-meeting where new members learn the program basics to ensure that they have a good foundation on which to build their weight loss efforts.

* Weight Watchers is not a medical organization and therefore cannot dispense medical advice. You should consult with your physician before starting any weight-loss program.

Will I be made to stay for the meeting?

  • No, but if you want the most value for your money and increase your chances of success, you will want to! Although it is not required, we highly recommend that you stay as often as possible. Each meeting is a weight management workshop where members learn and share strategies for meeting their weight-management goals. Meetings are fun, interesting, interactive discussions on a variety of weight management topics, such as nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and challenges experienced while losing weight. The leader shares information and keeps the group on task to ensure that the meeting provides accurate information and motivation each week. Members are free to participate as much or as little as they desire. No pressure is put on members to do or say anything. If you just want to sit back and listen, that’s fine.

Is weekly meeting attendance required?

  • Weekly meeting attendance is encouraged because it is an important component in your weight management success. If you miss a weekly meeting, you will be required to pay for the current week’s meeting as well as the missed week at your next attendance to keep your membership current...

What if I had a bad week and I don't want to face the scale?

  • Don’t ever let the fear of stepping on the scale keep you from getting the boost attending a weekly meeting provides! A tough or challenging week is when you really need the motivation of a meeting. You can skip the scale without missing your meeting. When you pay for your meeting (or present your prepaid coupon) just hand the receptionist your “NO WEIGH-IN PASS.” You may use a pass as often as you like although we must weigh you at least once a month to monitor your rate of weight loss.

Must I always attend the same meeting each week?

  • No, you can attend a meeting on a different day or at a different location (any where in the world!) to accommodate your schedule or travel plans. If you want extra motivation, you may attend additional meetings during the same calendar week at no additional charge. Your weekly meeting fee pays for you to visit as many meetings during the calendar week (Sun-Sat) as you feel are necessary to sustain your motivation. You may only weigh-in one time each week, however.

Are there any hidden fees or charges ?

  • Absolutely not! You are not required to sign any contracts. Your membership fee pays for weekly meetings. A set of program materials is provided to you at no additional charge as part of your membership. You do not need to purchase anything else including special food or meals. You may end your membership at any time simply by no longer attending meetings. You will not have any further obligation to Weight Watchers. If you do decide to come back after missing several weeks you will need to bring your membership back to “current member” status by either paying for the missed weeks (as well as the current week) or by paying the joining fee (whichever is the lesser amount.) If you miss six consecutive weeks your membership is discontinued. To return to Weight Watchers you will need to pay the joining fee and fill out a new member registration form.


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